Optical illusion test shows what your New Year’s resolution should be for 2024 – ‘so true!

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Optical illusion test shows what your New Year’s resolution should be for 2024 – ‘so true!

This fun optical illusion may show what your New Year’s resolutions should be for 2024.

This bizarre brainteaser looks like a simple picture but can reveal certain personality traits depending on what you first spot in the picture, which should either be a stone-like pattern or a path leading up to houses.

The personality test will be able to reveal what your luck will be like in the future, but also a flaw you may need to work on to turn things around.

Mia Yilin, an optical illusion specialist, first shared this grey art piece on her social media page and has shocked the internet with her ability to read people.

In Mia’s comment section, one person wrote: “[You] get me every time! You’re like a psychic” while someone else commented: “This was so true for me!”

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If you first saw stone-pattern, then you may have had a difficult time this year in both your personal and professional life.

Mia said: “You’ve encountered a lot of disappointment and unexpected challenges.”

However, things will slowly but gradually get better in the future, but in 2024 you may wish to try and take more time for yourself and work on your self-esteem.

Mia said: “You tend to have pessimistic thoughts, and fail to give yourself the recognition and praise you deserve.”

Being kinder to yourself should be your resolution for 2024, and keeping to this goal will help you have a fantastic year.


If you first saw a pathway leading up to houses, then you are an extremely hardworking person who manages to do well no matter what life throws at you.

Mia said: “You’ve gone through a lot of hardship that few people know about and those events have hardened you emotionally.

“You always have the best intentions, but sometimes people misunderstand you and that really annoys you. »

You will likely have an amazing 2024 as long as you work on your social skills a little and learn to open up to loved ones if you are having a difficult time.

Mia said: “Good things are coming your way, but you must make sure you are in your best state to receive them.”

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