Low-maintenance plants which offer ‘year-round beauty’ to brighten up winter gardens

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Low-maintenance plants which offer ‘year-round beauty’ to brighten up winter gardens

A spokesperson from said: “When it comes to setting New Year’s resolutions for January, nothing is better than setting realistic and attainable goals.

“Although it may seem like a big ask for many, offering more foliage and flowers into your outdoor spaces requires little effort and yields high rewards – and it is all down to the flowers you choose to plant.

“This is why we wanted to share our favourite low-maintenance plants and flowers, loved by novice and experienced gardeners alike to brighten up gardens in the New Year.”

1. Peonies

According to the experts, these gorgeous flowers offer large blooms and “year-round beauty” in gardens.

They are slug-resistant, making them super easy to look after and a great option for beginners as well as being able to cope in hot weather.

2. Winter aconites

The gardening experts said these are loved by pollinating insects and “super easy to care for”, making these winter flowers great for beginners.

They can be recognised by their cup-shaped bright yellow flowers which are around 3cm in width. 

The pros added: “They do not need pruning, but will require semi-regular watering in the springtime if the season is dry and warm.”

3. Cyclamen

These gorgeous flowers provide the garden colour when not much else is flowering, particularly in late winter or early spring.

The experts continued: “This resilient plant is a must-have for winter and can be planted in pots to make it super simple for gardening beginners. 

“Some cyclamen varieties must be planted indoors, so make sure to go for hederifolium or coum varieties for sprucing up outdoor pots.”

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), cyclamens can be planted with other early-flowering plants such as winter aconites, primroses or snowdrops.

4. Iris reticulata

This variety of iris is one of the first to flower in late winter and is ideal for planting in pots or as borders, according to the experts at Garden Buildings Direct.

They said planting them right now will ensure a “big display” of blooms for spring. They grow well in part-shade combined with well-drained soil, making them perfect for planting in pots.

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