Gardening: This simple 65p kitchen staple ‘kills weeds in your garden overnight’

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Gardening: This simple 65p kitchen staple ‘kills weeds in your garden overnight’

A viral TikTok hack that promises to keep weeds at bay in concrete areas like patios and driveways has been confirmed by garden experts from PriceYourJob.

The hack uses a simple ingredient that costs just 65p from your local supermarket. In fact, you’ve probably already got it in your kitchen cupboard.

The method was originally shared by Dr. Janine Bowring on TikTok.

It involves mixing one part salt with two parts water, stirring the solution, and then pouring it over weeds growing through gaps in driveways and pavements to kill the vegetation.

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So, if you’re looking for an effective way to kill weeds overnight, a salt water solution could be the answer.

Bodell said: « Once you’ve prepared your salt solution, lightly pour the solution over gaps in between paving slabs on garden paths, specifically concentrating over areas that have weeds currently growing through. It’s important to do this on a particularly dry day so humidity and rain doesn’t wash away the solution.

« Overnight, the solution will work on drying out the plant to the root, making the weed easy to remove the next day. »

However, Bodell also recommends using the solution sparingly to avoid it affecting other plants.

He continued: « While salt can effectively kill weeds, it can also accumulate in sand and soil and affect the growth of other plants. Use it sparingly and only on areas you wish to have no plants growing through, as it could impact future growth of other plants. »

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