Keep cheese fresh and mould-free as long as possible with essential storage rules

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Keep cheese fresh and mould-free as long as possible with essential storage rules

Cheese is a versatile culinary delight and can be enjoyed in many different ways, on its own or as part of a dish, such as a delicious Welsh rarebit.

However, regardless of its type, it’s crucial to understand the proper methods for storing cheese to maintain its freshness and prevent mould growth, ensuring it remains enjoyable over time.

Using plastic wrap to store cheese is often considered one of the least favourable methods.

While it may seem convenient for shielding cheese from external contaminants, such as dirt and bacteria, plastic wrap can actually compromise its taste and quality.

Cheese, being rich in oils and fats, is prone to absorbing flavours from its surroundings, and over time, the plastic wrap can impart unwanted flavours onto the cheese.

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The plastic can create a less-than-ideal environment, potentially leading to accelerated spoilage and degradation of the cheese’s texture.

Opting for alternative storage methods, such as cheese paper or wax paper, allows for better air circulation while still providing protection against external elements.

These alternatives help preserve the integrity of the cheese’s flavour and texture, ensuring a more enjoyable culinary experience.

To extend the shelf life of cheese, investing in cheese bags or cheese storage paper is a wise choice.

These specialised materials, readily available at shopping centres or online stores, are designed specifically for preserving cheese.

The unique composition of cheese bags and storage paper helps create an optimal environment for cheese storage.

They effectively block out excess air while allowing for proper air circulation, preventing the cheese from drying out or developing mould.

By using cheese bags or storage paper, you can maintain the freshness and flavour of your cheese for an extended period, ensuring that each bite remains as delicious as the first.

If you’re unable to find cheese paper or cheese bags, an alternative solution is to use greaseproof paper as a wrapper for your cheese before putting it in a plastic food storage bag.

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