Dad and daughter killed in horror car crash but hidden note reveals what really happened | UK | News

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Dad and daughter killed in horror car crash but hidden note reveals what really happened | UK | News

A father left a chilling note on his computer revealing his plan to end both his and his two year old daughter’s lives, an inquest heard. The toddler, Oria Henry, had spent the weekend in Skegness with her father and was last seen alive at 10.48am on June 18, 2023.

The inquest, which took place at Grimsby Town Hall on April 10, 2024, revealed that Ashley, Oria’s father, was driving them back to Leicestershire when he veered off the carriageway and drove straight into the path of an oncoming HGV. A pathologist found several indications suggesting that it was likely Oria was already deceased at the time of the collision, but the exact cause of her death remains undetermined.

However, the coroner’s report suggests that her death was probably the result of an unlawful act committed sometime before the road traffic accident. The inquest also heard that Ashley, Oria’s father, was separated from his partner and had visitation rights to see his daughter on weekends.

He suffered from periods of anxiety and depression and he was not taking the break up of their relationship well. There was no evidence of any braking of the car before the collision and a note recovered from Ashley’s computer left at his home set out his purpose to end both his own life, and that of his daughter, on Father’s Day last June, reports Lincolnshire Live.

The crash took place on the A153 between Ruskington and Anwick. A murder investigation was launched shortly after the crash.

Oria’s mum, Rachael Leader, released a touching tribute to her two year old daughter after the tragic incident. She said: « To my darling daughter, Oria. I love you so much. I’m so sorry your precious life was taken from you. You gave me so much light sweetheart, so much love and so much happiness. »

« I will cherish each and every moment we had together. You had the most beautiful smile and gorgeous curly hair. You touched the hearts of many, Oria, and I’m so incredibly proud to be your mummy. I miss you so much. »

« Whilst the pain of losing you is indescribable, I will turn it into purpose, for you and for us. You chose me for a reason and will continue to shine your light through me. We will shine together. My darling girl, my baby, God will keep you safe until we meet again in heaven. I love you, Oria. »

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