How to get rid of ants fast with ‘deadly’ natural item pest pro claims ‘kills them instant

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How to get rid of ants fast with ‘deadly’ natural item pest pro claims ‘kills them instant

Finding one or two ants crawling around the kitchen may not seem like a problem but the pests can secrete a pheromone when they move around which can cause other ants to follow them.

This can result in a horrendous invasion so it’s best to banish the ants quickly to avoid that happening.

With this in mind, Jordan Foster of Fantastic Pest Control has shared several “effective” yet natural methods to rid ants.


While the lemon method “will not kill the ants or their queen”, it is a “powerful deterrent” and can “force the colony to relocate”.

To use this method, start by finding all ant entrances and squeeze the juice of one whole lemon into every ant entrance you have found.

Place leftover pieces of lemon peel around the entrances and make sure to replace the peels daily until there are no more ants.

If this isn’t working, dilute the juice from four lemons in one litre of water and use a baster to squirt this concoction into the nest entrances. 

You can also use this mixture to clean your floor and kitchen counters to remove any scent trails used by the ants.

So why does this method work? Jordan explained: “Ants and other insects hate the smell of citrus and will go to great lengths to avoid it. The acidic nature of lemon juice also destroys scent trails.”

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth (or DE for short) is “arguably the most suitable natural substance” that can “banish the ants from the face of your home”, according to the expert. 

It’s basically dust made of little algae plants’ bones, but their edges are “sharp enough to penetrate through the exoskeletons” of insects and “kill them instantly”. If ants ingest them, the outcome is “deadly”, too.

To apply Diatomaceous Earth to kill ants, follow the foraging ants to locate the nest and use a medicine dropper to gently sprinkle dried DE through the cracks.

If you can’t find the trail, sprinkle around the most common areas where ants could lurk in or come from like the bin, windowsills, under the cupboards or behind the fridge.

Households need to monitor the cracks for at least seven days and then repeat if needed. Diatomaceous Earth can be picked up for only £3.79 from eBay or from OnBuy for £9.95.

Essential oils 

This deterrent is “best used” after resolving an infestation. If you find any lone ants or small groups, scout your home to “kill them immediately” and use one of the following essential oils to stop ants from following them:

  • Peppermint oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Citrus oil

To apply them, wipe your skirting boards and ant entrances with your chosen essential oil.

Soak cotton wool balls in the essential oil and place them in cupboards and cabinets to deter unwanted ant visitors. Repeat until the ants stop visiting you.

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