‘A lot of Brits would have less fingers’: Redditors baffled by ‘noisy sinks’ in US homes | UK | News

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‘A lot of Brits would have less fingers’: Redditors baffled by ‘noisy sinks’ in US homes | UK | News

A chaotic debate has broken out about the quirks of American life, with one Brit saying a common US appliance would see lots of people in the UK « having less fingers ».

A fevered back and forth began on Reddit, after one user asked, « what is usual in America, but isn’t in Europe? »

Europeans piled in with striking differences they noticed, with the common presence of garbage disposal units in American kitchens among them.

One Brit hilariously referred to the units, which are designed to collect and grind down food waste, as a « noisy sink. »

The devices have metal teeth which mash up the matter, and those that own them know never to put their fingers inside.

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One user said while getting connecting flight in the USA, « I was banging for a s***e and must of went to six different toilets thinking they were all blocked, » Indy100 reports.

Credit card etiquette got commenters hot under the collar, with one saying they initially got « angry » when a waiter walked away with their card as is common in the US, as they are accustomed to paying in front of the waiter.

Among the other culture shocks for Europeans in the US was « driving long distances for things not related to travel. »

One said: « yup, I drove over 100 miles running errands for myself and my mom ».

« I live in Europe and to me if it’s 30 minutes by car it’s considered long distance travel, » they said.

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