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LABELLING MONDIAL MACHINE, CONTOUR PACKAGING FOR FLACONS, BLISTER PACKAGING TO BUY READY The world’s largest pharmaceutical video portal. Specialists of the company have collected video presentations of various pharmaceutical, packaging, industrial equipment.
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Tablet press for the production of tablets with logos; Automatic hydraulic tablet press for presses of tablets; Rotary tablet press for pressing tablets; Sprayer for coating tablets, pellets, pellets, and nuts; Liquid filling machine for plastic and glass bottles; Plastic bagging machine with silica gel; Machine for removing tablets from blister packs; Printer for printing on pills, pills and capsules, candy; Filling and sealing equipment for glass ampoules; Mechanical glue filling machine for aluminum tubes; Washing of plastic and glass penicillin bottles and ampoules; Automatic group forming machine for plastic ampoules; Screw powder supply system for machine and tank hoppers; V-shaped mixer for mixing dry powder material; Cream and ointment emulsifier for the cosmetic industry; Blistering machine for tablets, gelatine capsules, and pellets; Semi-automatic machine for filling steel drums with liquid; Decoction filling machine in a plastic bag; Induction welding machine for aluminum diaphragm control; Automatic compact bagging machine; Printer for printing on all surfaces of the shelf life and date; Equipment for cellophane wrapping of cardboard boxes; Precision high-speed electronic detector for weight control; Melting analyzer for analysis after the melting process of suppositories; Melting analyzer to determine the melting point of a drug; Analyzer for measuring the speed and degree of dissolution of tablets; Gelatin viscosity analyzer; Laboratory devise for determining the hardness of tablets and pellets; Magnetic mixer for mixing solutions and liquids; Vacuum drying oven with constant temperature; Peristaltic pumps with electronic control; Emulsifier for pharmaceutical and cosmetic ointments and cosmetics; Knife type laboratory mill with raw material feed; Semi-automatic machine for pellets, pellets, pellets, boilers; Pneumatic machine for dispensing liquids, creams, and ointments; Printer for stamping the batch number and expiration date on the package; Compact rotary tablet press for tablet pressing; Tablet press for the chemical and food industries; Rotary tablet press for pressing tablets; boiler for drawing of covers on tablets and capsules; Equipment for filling powders into penicillin bottles; Machine for dosed filling of tubes with ointment and cream; Powder filling machine for solid gelatin capsules; Spray dryer for obtaining fine powder particles; Powder dispenser for powder supply to plastic cans; Polishing and dusting equipment for gelatin capsules; Machine for counting and filling tablets and capsules in plastic bottles; Vacuum transport device for powders and bulk solids; Pelletizer for dry and wet pelletizing of powders; Laboratory vacuum freeze-drying lyophilic sublimation dryer; Equipment for orientation of plastic bottles; Desktop vacuum machine for sealing polyethylene bags; Packaging machine for packing piece goods in flow-package; Pill and capsule packaging machine in soft strip packaging; Weighing of bulk materials in plastic and paper bags; Equipment for individual packing of tea into pyramids; Labelling machine for glass and plastic bottles; Dust collector for dust removal and supply of test pellets; Gelatin gel strength testing system; Moisture analyzer for powder or granule moisture analysis; Transparency analyzer for measuring gelatin transparency; Device analyzer for measuring the hardness of tablets; Analyzer for measuring thickness of gelatin capsules and tablets; Tester for monitoring the decomposition of solids; Tablet solubility, abrasion and hardness meter; Multifunctional laboratory mixer for powder mixing; Blister machine for filling with capsules or tablets; Vibration sieve for use in production; Liquid heating machine with integrated magnetic mixer; Capsule for filling solid gelatine capsules with powder; Digital pump for dispensing liquids into ampoules and vials; Semi-automatic capsule for filling capsules with powder


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