Francis Ngannou makes awkward sexual proposition live on air | Boxing | Sport

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Francis Ngannou makes awkward sexual proposition live on air | Boxing | Sport

Speaking with Buzaglo while sitting outside of the ring, the former UFC champion gave Buzaglo an X-rated response after being asked a question about Joshua. « Are you going to stay around to watch Anthony Joshua do his open workout or have you watched enough of him in the build-up to this fight? Buzaglo asked Ngannou. « I think he’s going to be here in not much time. »

A visibly sweaty Ngannou then calmly replied to Buzaglo’s query: « I have something else to do … which is you, » before quickly adding: « Media! » 

All Buzaglo could do was muster a laugh as both she and Ngannou laughed off what the 37-year-old had said. With Ngannou’s colossal fight with Joshua just days away, it appears as if the former is attempting to take the edge off himself through humor. 

That said, it appears as if his fight with the British boxer will be anything but humorous for both men. Earlier in the week, Ngannou confidently claimed he would be able to knock Joshua out in the non-title heavyweight crossover match for the ages. 

« Of course! I believe if I land on anyone, I will knock them out, » Ngannou said. « The question is how to land? That’s the hardest thing. Almost everyone in this division can knock anyone out. 

« But how do you land or carry that power and energy from first round to fifth round to 10 rounds and still hit someone hard or knock somebody out after all the fatigue? It’s a chess game. »

In response, Joshua shared his what was going through his mind with what his opponent shared with the media. « I’m optimistic and I think, ‘Brilliant, I want that.’ I want someone in front of me who thinks they can knock me out, » Joshua said to Sky Sports

« But let’s see how good they really are. I want to be right in front of them, making it difficult for them to achieve their goal and see how much they really want it. This Friday it’s going to go down, so I can’t wait for the opportunity to show my skills and combat this person who thinks he can knock me out. »

Joshua is taking a more measured approach than Tyson Fury did when the latter faced off against Ngannou in 2023. Though Fury was Ngannou’s first boxing match, the former MMA king was surprisingly able to knock the « Gypsy King » down in the third round, and lost by only a point.  

Even though Ngannou is fighting in only his second professional boxing match, he has shown enough to be taken seriously, as evidenced by his top-10 ranking in the WBC heavyweight rankings after his performance against Fury. Although fans are expecting one of Ngannou and Joshua to be knocked out, the two have teased the possibility of a double knockout, though it was meant to entice fans to watch the bout.

Regardless of outcome, Ngannou already will have his next fight set, with the former UFC Heavyweight champion and current PFL fighter set to face Renan Ferreira at some point, after Ferreira defeated Ryan Bader in just 21 seconds.

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