Rishi Sunak’s ‘secret deal’ with Dominic Cummings exposed: ‘I’d rather the Tories lose’ | UK | News

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Rishi Sunak’s ‘secret deal’ with Dominic Cummings exposed: ‘I’d rather the Tories lose’ | UK | News

Rishi Sunak allegedly met with Dominic Cummings over dinner to seek advice on « how to win a general election » prior to him becoming Prime Minister in October 2022.

The former chief adviser to Boris Johnson also visited Rishi Sunak and his chief of staff, Liam Booth-Smith in December 2022, shortly after they moved into Downing Street, the Times reported.

No 10 has not denied Cumming’s account, but stressed no formal job offer was made. Speaking to the broadsheet, No 10 said: “It was a broad discussion about politics and campaigning, no job was offered.”

Cummings advised the current Prime Minister to hold an emergency budget to almost double the threshold at which people pay the 40p rate of income tax from £50,271 to £100,000.

Dominic Cummings also also reportedly advised settling the NHS strikes and advocated leaving the European Convention on Human Rights.

Upon wanting authority behind reforms, Sunak said: “The MPs and the media will go crazy. Your involvement has to be secret.”

Revealing secret details of the conversation as reported in the Times, Cummings said: “He wanted a secret deal in which I delivered the election and he promised to take government seriously after the election.

« But I’d rather the Tories lose than continue in office without prioritising what’s important and the voters. The post-2016 Tories are summed up by the fact that Sunak, like Johnson, would rather lose than take government seriously. Both thought their MPs agreed with them, and both were right.”

Mr Cummings claims he wanted No 10 to prioritise issues such as the “scandal of nuclear weapons infrastructure, natural and engineered pandemic, and AI and other technological capabilities” among others.

Sunak’s plan for 2024 is to portray the general election as “the choice” between two economic philosophies.

Meanwhile, Labour leader, Keir Starmer will make a big speech in January to frame his election message and begin a regional “towns tour”, including “red wall” bastions such as Grimsby.

The Prime Minister told journalists at a Downing Street Christmas reception that there will be an election next year, putting to bed popular rumours that Mr Sunak would call an election at the start of 2025.

Recent YouGov polling from December 12 to 13 showed that just 22 percent of people would vote Conservative, 44 percent would vote for Labour and 10 percent would vote Liberal Democrats.

General elections must take place no more than five years apart, so the next one must take place by January 28 2025 at the latest.

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