Angry driver throws cheese on neighbour’s vehicle from balcony in epic parking row

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Angry driver throws cheese on neighbour’s vehicle from balcony in epic parking row

An angry driver has proudly admitted throwing cheese on their neighbour’s car after blocked them in a major parking feud which boiled over.

Reddit user @peachfruitscato explained they rented one of three garage spots in an apartment building when they were an undergraduate student.

However, the layout meant a vehicle parked anywhere on the driveway would prevent access in or out of all three spots available.

Despite this, the Reddit user claimed other residents and guests would sometimes stop in the driveway for 10 minutes or even overnight which would create a massive headache.

After a while, it emerged the “main culprits” were guys who lived on the floor above who simply “laughed » when the issue was addressed.

After emailing the landlord and not getting any response, the tenant decided to take action into their own hands

They explained: “This drove me to pursue alternate methods of discouraging the driveway trespassers. The first tactic was known as the cheese drop.

“As the name suggests, whenever I noticed a car parked in my driveway for an extended period of time, I would go out on my balcony next to the driveway and drop a slice of cheese down onto the car.

“It was provolone and it was expired, so even better. After doing this several times, I eventually saw them discover the cheese, and they were amused by it. I decided to escalate my antics.”

After a big snowstorm, the Reddit user noticed the guys living above had let one of their friends park in the driveway.

They claimed to have quickly asked them to move the vehicle but went even further when he was told the vehicle would not be moving. After a while, they came up with a longer-term strategy which left residents with a “feeling of panic” in seconds.

@peachfruitcato added: “When it snowed we barricaded his car with several feet of snow on all sides. We locked our shovels up, knowing they didn’t have their own.

“I watched from my apartment as they discovered their car fully blocked in (I warned them we put the snow there when we shovel). They must’ve stood there with their hands on their heads for at least 10 seconds before one dug it out while the other stood around watching.

“The message was still ignored, so I took it a step further. I designed my own parking tickets and ticket envelopes and ordered them from one of those stationary websites. Now, every time a car would park in my driveway, I would issue them a ticket.

“For legal reasons, I could not actually fine them or impersonate any kind of authoritative entity, but I got great satisfaction knowing they would get that feeling of panic upon seeing an orange envelope on their windshield.”

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