Meghan Markle shares easy beauty method with Princess Kate to look ‘enchanting’ | Royal | News

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Meghan Markle shares easy beauty method with Princess Kate to look ‘enchanting’ | Royal | News

Meghan Markle and with Princess Kate are style icons in their own rights, but there is one simple beauty method that makes them look “captivating”.

Beauty experts have waded into how the sophisticated members of the Royal Family achieve this effect, finding one common denominator.

It turns out both women use fluttery false lashes to amp up their their natural beauty with an “enchanting” gaze.

Eyelash expert Saffron Hughes, from, recounted some of Kate’s most show-stopping makeup looks that included falsies.

“Kate, the Princess of Wales, loves a sophisticated yet natural false eyelash,” she told Fabulous.

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« At the Bond premiere, it appears that her makeup artist has opted for a falsie that boasts a denser base, coupled with a dark lash band, offering an enchanting definition to her eyes.

“The falsies for the Baftas exhibit a more delicate, wispy nature, with lengthening lash strands that taper towards fluttery tips. This aids in opening up the eyes, creating an alluring and captivating gaze without overwhelming the overall look. »

Lash expert Sophia Drozdowska, Director of Marketing at said Meghan chose Velour Lush Lashes for her wedding day, creating a highly iconic look for the history books.

She explained that, unlike traditional false lashes, these falsies are made from “premium vegan fibres”.

The pro added: “Each pair of Vegan Luxe Lashes is meticulously handmade using top-quality synthetic fibres, replicating the appearance and texture of natural lashes.

« They feel incredibly soft, boast a luxuriously whispy look, and create the illusion of fuller and longer natural eyelashes.

« The style features thick lash clusters that gradually lengthen towards the outer corners, delivering a captivating eye-opening effect.”

And these sets are surprisingly affordable, with Velour’s Whispie Me Away Lashes starting at £25.

What’s even better, according to the expert, each pair is reusable up to 25 times with proper care.

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