Abarth launches new sporty version of electric Fiat SUV to celebrate 75th anniversary

Abarth launches new sporty version of electric Fiat SUV to celebrate 75th anniversary

Abarth has announced it is celebrating its 75th anniversary with the launch of a high-performance version of an electric family crossover.

Based on the recently launched Fiat 600e, a five-door SUV with similar styling to the famous 500 city car, the new Abarth gives the car a more aggressive appearance.

Compared to the more family-focused model, the Abarth 600e features a larger set of front grilles, a sporty body kit and a chunky gloss-black rear spoiler.

This is contrasted by some cute elements, including a set of large, bug-eyed headlights and daytime running lights, plus a retro clamshell bonnet.

Like its smaller sibling, the 500e, the crossover also sports the latest iteration of the Abarth’s scorpion logo in an eye-catching neon green.

Inside, the Abarth 600e feels a lot like its Fiat counterpart, featuring a sizeable 10.25-inch touchscreen and augmented display for the driver.

Nevertheless, the Abarth examples receive a splash of colour throughout the interior, courtesy of lime green stitching on the upholstery, steering wheel and armrest.

In addition, the Abarth 600e will come with bucket seats that prevent the occupants from sliding when traversing tight corners and ambient lighting.

The sporty appearance is matched with a punchy powertrain, with Abarth claiming it will be the most powerful car they have ever produced.

Featuring a 237bhp electric motor, the Abarth 600E has a better power-to-weight ratio than the smaller 500e, although its top speed is limited to just 96mph.

The new Abarth will also feature the same 54kWh battery pack from the Fiat version, meaning it will be able to cover a maximum range of 249 miles per charge.

Set to go on sale later in 2024, the first 1,949 examples of the Abarth 600e will be the special edition Scorpionissima, a celebration of the brand’s history.

All finished in a distinctive shade of Hypnotic Purple, the 600e Scorpionissima sports a set of unique 20-inch alloy wheels in two-tone grey and black, which the company states are designed to look like a whirling hurricane as the vehicle is in motion.

Prices have yet to be confirmed for the Abarth 600e, however experts are suggesting that the special edition version will fetch around £40,000.

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