‘I’m 65 with the abs of a 37-year-old – do these 4 exercises to stay in shape’ | UK | News

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‘I’m 65 with the abs of a 37-year-old – do these 4 exercises to stay in shape’ | UK | News

When people talk about their ideal body you hear a lot of them saying how they want rock hard abs. This may seem like this is for aesthetic reasons but having strong abs can also mean we are fitter and stronger.

The abdominal muscles are found between the ribs and the pelvis on the front of the body. They have several important functions including supporting the trunk, allowing movement and helping to hold organs in place.

We will all have abs, they just might be hidden under a layer of fat. And some may be weaker than others.

Reducing this layer of fat to expose the abs is therefore a popular fitness goal for many people. Doing so can be easier said than done though.

It may also feel like the older we get the less chance we have of achieving the body we want.

But two fitness pros took to social media platform TikTok to share the exercises they do to maintain strong abdominal muscles.

They also proved that age doesn’t matter, if you stick to a training routine.

A video posted to the account Training Day Network showed one man aged 65 with a six pack.

Another man, aged 37, said: “If you want a six pack like this in your sixties then you’ve got to do these in your thirties.”

They went on to demonstrate four different exercises.

For all four both men sat on benches where they extended their legs out and gripped onto the edge of their seats with both hands.

The first round of exercises were 10 leg raises.

As the name suggests they sat on the benches with their legs extended out and brought both legs up and down at the same time, while bringing their top halves down.

Following this they performed 10 kickers. In the same seated position they kicked one leg up at a time.

The men then did 10 scissors – where they opened and closed their legs 10 times.

For the final round they carried out 10 kickouts. This involved bringing their knees up to their chests and kicking their legs back out straight in front of them.

Altogether they recommended completing five rounds for 200 reps in under five minutes.

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