How to unblock a drain: Pour simple ingredient down the sink – ‘weekly cleaning job’

How to unblock a drain: Pour simple ingredient down the sink – ‘weekly cleaning job’

A cleaning whiz has shared a top tip suggesting cleaners should pour soda crystals down the sink every week to unclog the drain. Lucy, a popular cleaning, home, motherhood, and lifestyle influencer, has gained loads of likes on her real-life cleaning videos on TikTok, under the name Cleaning With Lucy.

She advised: « Soda crystals and boiling water can usually tackle a normal blocked drain. »

The cleaning star, who has a huge number of fans following her on Instagram @cleaningwithlucy and on her YouTube channel, added: « If this doesn’t work mixing bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar together should as the chemical reaction is what clears the blockage. »

« Once a week I pour a cupful of soda crystals and hot water down my sink to prevent blockages. »

« I make sure to do this as a weekly cleaning job because it really helps stop blockages from happening. »

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How to unblock your drain

Grab half a cup of baking soda and sprinkle it into a clear drain. Then, add half a cup of vinegar. Pop a plug in your drain and wait for an hour.

After the time’s up, boil some water in a kettle and pour it down the drain. Keep going until the water flows smoothly down the drain without any clogs.

Don’t forget to use a traditional plunger to get rid of food stuck in the pipes.

Another easy method to unblock a drain involves hot water and dish soap. First, pour boiling water down the sink, followed by dish soap down the drain.

How to prevent blocked drains

A drain strainer does exactly what its name suggests. This small sieve-like gadget sits over your plug and stops tiny bits of food from going down your drain and clogging the pipe.

Never pour oil and grease down the sink as it will solidify in the pipes. Instead, pour it into a jar and when the jar is full, dispose of it.

Pour boiling water down the plug once a week to help break up and dissolve any build-up of debris.

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