Cheapest supermarket for Easter eggs named

Cheapest supermarket for Easter eggs named

March is here, Easter is fast-approaching, and there hasn’t been a better time to treat yourself and your loved ones to some decadent chocolate eggs. 

With a 23 percent increase in searches for Easter eggs over the past week, people are looking to cut costs and stock up before it’s too late. 

Experts at Bountii have conducted extensive research to narrow down the cheapest supermarkets for your Easter haul. 

According to the study, there are exactly 487 different kinds of easter eggs available online at the top 10 UK supermarkets. 

After comparing the products based on size, price and weight, the study revealed that Morrisons is the best supermarket to score the cheapest Easter eggs.


Coming in first, the supermarket’s own brand of Easter eggs cost an average of £3.72. Morrisons also stocks 93 out of the total 487 Easter products available in the market.

It is also the best supermarket to get great deals for Cadbury’s Easter spoils. 


Despite its reputation for being a high-end supermarket, M&S has emerged as the second cheapest supermarket to get some delicious, decadent eggs. It also stocks 76 out of the total 487 Easter eggs. 

The study also revealed that M&S has the best selection of Easter items in general, although the prices aren’t the cheapest. 


This third cheapest supermarket stocks 55 out of the total available 487 products.

And as an additional tip, if you love Easter sweet treats from Nomo, Smarties or Reese’s, Sainsbury has the best deals for those brands.

Cheapest supermarket for Easter eggs:

  1. Morrisons
  2. M&S
  3. Sainsbury
  4. Tesco
  5. Iceland
  6. Waitrose
  7. Asda
  8. Lidl
  9. Aldi
  10. Co-Op

If you’re a stickler for specific brands and have a personal favourite Easter treats, the study also illustrated the best supermarket to purchase products by these popular brands:

  • Morrisons for Cadbury
  • M&S for Lindt 
  • Aldi for Dairyfine
  • Tesco for Maltesers
  • Sainsbury’s for Nomo
  • Morrisons for Kinder
  • Sainsbury’s for Smarties
  • Morrison, Sainsbury’s, M&S for Reese’s

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