Brazen neighbour throws tantrum after woman rejects 79p offer to buy part of her driveway | UK | News

Brazen neighbour throws tantrum after woman rejects 79p offer to buy part of her driveway | UK | News

A no-shame neighbour offered a kind woman who had allowed him to park on her driveway for years just 79p to « buy » part of it when he was selling his house – and then threw a tantrum when she refused.

Sharing a story on the social media site Reddit, the son of the woman in her 70s said his mother had graciously allowed the man to use part of her driveway when he had said there was no space for his adult children to park when visiting.

Explaining the situation the son said his mum allowed the arrangement provided she maintained all the rights to her property.

However, a few years later, her neighbour decided he wanted to sell his house and then cheekily asked the woman to sell him the part of her property the driveway had been extended onto for just 79p ($1).

Not surprisingly the post says the woman refused but bizarrely according to her son the neighbour became angry and threw a tantrum appearing at her door with a video camera and accusing her of being a « cruel woman who didn’t want him to see his kids ».

Posting on Reddit, the son said there was no need for the tantrum or for him to excuse his mum for not allowing the family to see their kids as there were both permit street parking with two permits allowed per home and residents could also request up to six temporary guest parking passes.

The feud continued until the mum had enough of their antics, reports The Mirror Online.

She decided to redraw the property line and put up a fence to keep her neighbour and his family at bay. When workers started removing parts of the driveway on her property, the troublesome neighbours became even more hostile.

The neighbour’s wife even complained about losing the extra driveway space.

The son shared: « They started strategically parking their cars to make it as difficult on the workers as possible. They threatened to report the workers to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) despite having no knowledge of the immigration status of the workers.

« In response they rather hilariously pulled up everything around and under the son’s car so only the tyres were still on the driveway. Then the son showed up at the door and told my mum, ‘I just made my first million and I’m going to buy the house and make your life miserable’. »

« One day I was in the back yard and the guy was leaning over the fence and he yelled ‘f*** you’. When I turned around he said ‘oh, I’m so sorry, I thought you were your mother’. They eventually sold the house for nearly 500k under asking. The new neighbours are lovely. »

People who commented on the story thought his mum had done the right thing and that the neighbours were a joke for their behaviour. Some shared their own experiences with people like them.

One person said: « What a vile way to treat an elderly person glad to hear they took a loss and moved away, » Another person said: « If I had crazy neighbours like that I would put up cameras all over the exterior of my house so that I have evidence of how unhinged they are. And if they did not stop being so unhinged. I would have sued them to kingdom come. »

Another person told a story about their neighbour: « My idiot neighbour did this. Swore up and down it was his property the survey flags he pulled up said otherwise. I paid £160 for my surveyor to come back out and run that line right through his janky little parking pad. I got great enjoyment watching said idiot bust his back hacking out the concrete because he was too cheap to pay someone to come back and remove it. He’s said about five words to us since then. Fine with me! « .

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