Morrisons promises to price match Aldi and Lidl on 200 products

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Morrisons promises to price match Aldi and Lidl on 200 products

Morrisons has pledged to price match Aldi and Lidl on 200 popular supermarket items.

It becomes the latest supermarket to offered a price match scheme in a bid to win back customers from the German challenger stores.

The retailer this morning announced plans to offer 200 items at the same price or lower than the two retailers. It follows a similar step made by Asda in recent months.

The price match guarantee, which it says will be checked twice a week, only includes a small number of products on sale at the superstore. Although it insists they are items commonly bought by shoppers.

The announcement will also not mean price cuts for most of the products that are included in the price match.

The supermarket said: “The vast majority of the products which are now Price Matched to Aldi and Lidl were already the same price, today’s announcement is about reassuring customers and helping to change perception. »

Aldi and Lidl have been taking customers from the traditional supermarkets over the last decade. Ten years ago Morrisons had 11.3% of the grocery market, in the most recent data from Kantar it had 8.8%.

Over the same period Aldi’s market share has gone from 4.1% to 9.3%, while Lidl has grown from 3.1% to 7.5%.

Chief customer and marketing officer Rachel Eyre said: “We want to reassure our customers that we have hundreds of products that are the same price or cheaper, with the quality they’ve come to expect from us, than those available at Aldi and Lidl which is why we have launched our new Price Match.

“We hope this new campaign will bring our quality and value into even sharper focus for our customers.”

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