Driving instructor introduces ‘pothole avoidance lessons’ for anxious students | UK | News

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Driving instructor introduces ‘pothole avoidance lessons’ for anxious students | UK | News

A driving instructor has become the first to offer ‘pothole avoidance lessons’ after noticing his students becoming « extremely anxious » about them.

Matthew Worthington, 35, has observed the pothole situation deteriorating in recent months.

He is now teaching his students how to confidently and safely navigate these road defects, having lost four tyres costing around £400.

Matthew, from Paisley, Scotland, said: « The roads have always been terrible but in the last six months or so, they’ve been getting extra bad. The students are really nervous, some of them want to avoid certain areas because of the potholes and they’re extremely anxious. »

He added: « What started happening is that people were swerving around potholes without any thoughts of safety.

They weren’t checking their mirrors when they were moving over, and there could be a car or a cyclist right next to them it’s getting really dangerous. »

Matthew also noted that hitting a new pothole can severely shake the confidence of even advanced drivers nearing their test level, causing them to become apprehensive and negatively affect their lessons.

He said: « I’ve spent between £300-400, plus the time where I’ve had to cancel lessons because I’m getting tyres fixed. »

Matthew’s lessons on avoiding potholes involve detailed discussions about how to safely approach them and the potential risks they pose.

He thinks this should be a « day one » chat so learners can smoothly navigate over and around uneven roads.

He said: « It’s all about pre-planning. There’s a lot more planning than a normal drive because you’ve got this added obstacle course of potholes. »

« This is something I’ve started doing from day one if I start teaching a new driver, the ‘how to avoid potholes’ conversation comes in quite quickly. »

His advice is:

If you do have to go through a pothole, keep a firm grip of the steering wheel.

It’s better to hit it straight on than to try and dodge it and go through at an angle you can get your tyre blown out.

Look for darker patches in the road or random patches of water there could be a pothole under that water.

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