‘Ideal time’ to start mowing your lawns this year to prepare grass for spring

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‘Ideal time’ to start mowing your lawns this year to prepare grass for spring

With spring just around the corner, many gardeners will be getting their outdoor spaces prepared for the change of seasons.

The month of February is short which means lighter, warmer days are only a few weeks away.

However, before spring, there are a plethora of very important jobs that need to be done.

One of the most important gardening tasks that needs to be tackled soon is mowing the lawn. Despite the weather still feeling cool, giving your grass its first cut needs to be done sooner rather than later.

Bob MacIntyre, the CEO at The Green Reaper, a supplier of garden machinery, has shared the « ideal time » to start mowing lawns after winter.

The gardening expert has shared tips on how to prepare lawns for their first cut of the year.

Bob said: “Before we know it, spring will be here and there are various jobs that need to be done during this time if you want to achieve a tidy garden.

« Having the right gadgets is essential and will make the process much easier. »

The average date of your first lawn cut in the UK is March 18, however, gardeners could mow lawns sooner if it’s mild.

Bob explained: « If the temperature is mild (above 13C), now is the ideal time to run the mower over the lawn on a high-cut setting.

« This will help clear all the leaves, twigs and debris from the last few winter storms and prepare your lawn ready for the first proper cut.

« Four-wheel, petrol lawnmowers are best suited for this. »

Gardening expert Calum Maddock at HomeHow previously said that where you’re located, the weather and local temperatures will impact when you should start regularly trimming your grass.

He said: « The grass will begin to grow when the soil temperature goes above six degrees. Before that, the grass will still remain dormant as it has over winter. »

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