King Charles’s five biggest problems in 2024 – and there’s one issue he can’t easily fix | Royal | News

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King Charles’s five biggest problems in 2024 – and there’s one issue he can’t easily fix | Royal | News

King Charles and the rest of the Royal Family will have a plethora of issues to deal with in 2024 at the end of another extraordinary year for the monarchy.

In 2023 the King celebrated his Coronation and his first anniversary of ascending to the throne, which of course tied in with marking one year since the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle remain a thorn in Charles’s side following the release of tell-all books Spare and Endgame, as well as the continuing feud between the two families.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told that the King’s relationship with his youngest son will continue to make headlines into 2024.

He said: « The biggest issue remains the unpredictability of the Sussexes. I see no reconciliation in sight, especially after the farce of Endgame. Who knows what will happen, with Harry also involved in several court cases. »

Another tricky area to negotiate for the King has been his plans for a « slimmed-down » monarchy, with hopes that it would modernise the institution.

However as Mr Fitzwilliams pointed out, practically this has been difficult to impose, as he said: « There is no possibility of a ‘slimmed-down’ monarchy.

« The Palace review of patronages will make this clear. Only four senior working royals are under 70. This is a serious problem. »

One highlight of the coming year will undoubtedly be the royal tours, with some big trips planned across the Commonwealth for the senior members of the Firm.

The expert added: « Royal tours are the ultimate in the projection of British soft power. However King Charles will undoubtedly be hoping they attract less controversy and fewer protestors. »

Canada, Australia and New Zealand are all expected to receive some royal visitors in the next year, however there are fears that a growing republican sentiment might lead to some uncomfortable moments for the King and Queen.

Although Mr Fitzwilliams felt it was « not likely » that republicanism would gain much more support in the UK, he admitted that the royals would be hoping for a « revival in support » from 18-24 year-olds, who are traditionally more sceptical about the monarchy.

But some of the largest problems from the King are coming from within the royal circle, as the disgraced Prince Andrew is facing further investigation into his links to Jeffrey Epstein with the publication of more files connected to the case.

Mr Fitzwilliams elaborated: « Andrew is a perpetual embarrassment. He must accept he will not return to any royal role. Whenever he appears publicly the publicity is adverse for the royals.

« His ‘car crash’ interview is being recreated for Netflix and Amazon. So after The Crown has ended, there will be more undesirable publicity. »

Netflix‘s royal drama The Crown has been a huge hit with viewers, even if it has been criticised for its historical inaccuracy, so the royals will be relieved that December saw the release of its final episodes on the streaming service.

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