Remove limescale from shower glass in ’10 minutes’ using £3 Iceland item

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Remove limescale from shower glass in ’10 minutes’ using £3 Iceland item

Shower glass needs to be cleaned once a week to prevent a build-up of limescale, soap scum and grime.

While the household chore is relatively simple to complete, not all products are effective.

Mrs Hinch fans have shared their go-to spray for removing limescale from shower glass – and it’s not white vinegar.

Rather than reaching for lemon juice or white vinegar, fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch suggested using Viakal which can be bought for £3 from Iceland.

On the Facebook group, ‘Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips’ Natalie Bowler asked: « Hi does anyone know what I can use to get the water streaks off the shower glass? »

The post was inundated with responses from Mrs Hinch fans with the most suggested solution being to use Vial.

Jackie M Notton said: « Viakal. Spray on, rub it around so the whole area is covered and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse off and buff it. »

Hazra Walibhai agreed and said: « I second this it’s the best spray on the market. »

However, Jackie warned that the spray should not be used on chrome. She added: « Watch Viakal on chrome. Don’t leave it on that. Just glass. »

Tracey Roberts also said people using the spray should ensure they wear gloves to protect their nails.

She said: « Do use gloves though. It melts your nails! »

Viakal Limescale Remover Disinfectant Spray costs £3.50 from Sainsbury’s, £3 from Iceland and £4 from Waitrose.

Viakal claims to « kill 99.9 percent of bacteria », remove limescale, soap scum and watermarks, and « create a barrier to prevent water marks from returning ».

Other suggestions from Mrs Hinch fans for cleaning shower glass included using Lidl limescale remover, Pink Stuff glass cleaner and Fairy Liquid.

Josephine Clarke said: « Lidl limescale remover [is] the best. »

Charlotte Louise commented: « I love the Pink Stuff Glass Cleaner. Leave it on for a few minutes and clean off with kitchen roll. »

Irene Lamb replied: « Fairy Liquid works a treat. You can feel the grime coming off as you wash it.

« Lather it with hot water. [I] use it all the time it’s brilliant. »

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