Nigella Lawson’s chocolate mousse recipe is ‘smooth and silky’

Nigella Lawson’s chocolate mousse recipe is ‘smooth and silky’

A smooth, indulgent chocolate mousse is the perfect way to finish a meal, however, they do have a habit of being grainy or too runny if they’re not made properly.

If you’re looking for a chocolate fix that’s rich and creamy then Nigella Lawson‘s easy chocolate mousse with olive oil could be the recipe you’re looking for.

The recipe, which is from Nigella’s book, AT MY TABLE, is decadent, soft and smooth and doesn’t require loads of ingredients.

Nigella said of the recipe: « The olive oil doesn’t just bring its resonant flavour to the mousse, it creates its smooth, soft texture.

« Go for a smooth but still spicy rather than raspingly peppery extra-virgin olive oil, and use the absolute best quality you can. »

Fans of Nigella’s who have cooked the recipe claimed it was « smooth and silky » and « wonderfully sinful ».

One person said: « I made this today as a test before a dinner party I’m having on Friday. Really happy with how it turned out.

« The smooth and silky texture was lovely and so delicious! Think this is dessert for Friday, it was so easy to make and took no time at all. »

Another wrote: « We enjoyed this wonderfully sinful chocolate mousse by the warm fire – my husband absolutely loved it! »

To create this recipe, you will need 6 x 100ml/6 x ½ cup ramekins or eight espresso cups.

How to make Nigella’s chocolate olive oil mousse


  • 150 grams dark chocolate 70% cocoa solids (roughly chopped)
  • 100 millilitres extra virgin olive oil
  • Four large eggs at room temperature (separated)
  • pinch of Maldon salt plus 1/4 teaspoon
  • 50 grams caster sugar


1. First, melt the chocolate either in the microwave or in a large heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water. The bowl should not touch the water. The chocolate should be removed from any heat just before it is completely melted. Once melted, allow it to cool for 10 minutes before stirring in the oil. Then, set aside.

2. Next, whisk the egg whites and the salt in a grease-free bowl until the eggs are firm. Set aside.

3. In another bowl, whisk the yolks, sugar and a quarter of a teaspoon of salt until they are pale, thick and have doubled in size.

4. Slowly pour the chocolate mixture into the egg yolks and fold. Then, add a third of the beaten egg whites and fold in vigorously until the mixture has lightened. Now, gently fold in another third of the egg whites before gently folding in the final third. If there are liquids at the bottom of the egg white bowl, leave them. Ensure the mixture is streak-free.

5. Pour the mousse into the ramekins. Put them in the fridge for 20 minutes for a soft texture before eating. Alternatively, you can put them in the fridge for exactly one hour and then take them out to come to room temperature for 40 minutes before eating if you prefer a more solid texture.

As this recipe contains raw, or lightly cooked eggs, it is not suitable for those with weak immune systems such as younger children, the elderly or pregnant women.

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