Petrol and diesel owners can find the cheapest fuel station nearby – save up to £20 today

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Petrol and diesel owners can find the cheapest fuel station nearby – save up to £20 today

Petrol and diesel owners can save money at the fuel pump by checking the latest prices before heading off their driveway in a major boost.

Motorists can find out which petrol station in their local area has the cheapest petrol and diesel costs under a new scheme pushed through by the Government.

In a new scheme from the Competitions and Markets Watchdog (CMA), road users will be able to check pump prices to ensure they always get the best deal when topping up.

Ten of the UK’s biggest fuel retailers have joined the interim voluntary scheme with the first list of costs now published.

Leading supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Asda are getting involved alongside fuel giants Shell, BP and Esso.

The data has calculated prices at almost 4,000 forecourts meaning road users can quickly identify where savings can be made.

To find the best rates where you live, road users need to simply search their postcode and indicate a radius in the tool below.

The data suggests drivers may be able to save up to £20 filling up a tank of fuel by visiting one petrol station compared to others in the local area.

Statistics show the most expensive petrol price in the country is at a service station on the southbound M6 near Kendal.

Motorists can expect to pay a whopping 181.9p for a litre of standard petrol with super E5 grade fuel priced at 195.9p.

Just a few miles away an Asda in Burton Road was charging just 148.7p for fuel, a staggering 18 percent cheaper.

The least expensive petrol in the country can be found at a Tesco petrol station at Penwortham in South Ribble.

Drivers can expect to pay just 140.9p per litre of petrol in what would be a hefty discount.

According to the analysis, it would cost a Nissan Qashqai owner around £22.55 cheaper to top up their car compared to motorway stations.

Generally, drivers were slapped with the highest fees at motorway service stations with seven forecourts charging over 179.9p per litre for petrol and 182.9p for diesel.

This is much higher than the average petrol cost which stands at just 154.3p with diesel at 157.9p.

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