Jurgen Klopp shows true colours as Liverpool boss asks pundit ‘why did you join Everton?’ | Football | Sport

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Jurgen Klopp shows true colours as Liverpool boss asks pundit ‘why did you join Everton?’ | Football | Sport

Jurgen Klopp showed his funny side as he turned an interview on its head before Liverpool‘s game against Atalanta in the Europa League quarter-finals. The Reds manager, who will step down at the end of the season, has gained a reputation as a larger-than-life character during his time at Anfield.

Before his Liverpool side faced Atalanta on Thursday, Klopp was interviewed on TNT Sports by former Everton goalkeeper Rachel Brown-Finnis. At one point, he decided to take control of the conversation by questioning why Brown-Finnis decided to play for Liverpool’s bitter rivals.

He asked: « I have a question, why did you play for Everton? » Brown-Finnis appeared to be taken by surprise and laughed before replying: « Needs must! I married an Evertonian! »

Klopp then flashed a wide-eyed look down the camera lens, prompting laughter from Brown-Finnis and the production crew, before saying: « I mean, that can’t happen. Did he tell you before or was it a secret? »

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« I was playing for Everton at the time, so I think it was part of the attraction, » explained Brown-Finnis. « You don’t look particularly impressed about that. What it was, I went to America for five years and when I came back Liverpool had gone down and Everton were at the top, so I signed for Everton. »

Klopp replied: « I’m just interested! I’m just curious, that’s all. » He went on to ask Brown-Finnis if she was still happily married to her husband in spite of his football loyalties and she confirmed that she was.

The Liverpool boss is known for sometimes taking an unusual approach when speaking to the media, but not all of his interviews have been quite as friendly. Last month, he stormed out of a post-match chat with a reporter who questioned the intensity of his Liverpool side after their FA Cup defeat to Manchester United.

Klopp took issue with the line of questioning when the reporter asked: « Normally, intensity is the name of your game, so how come it became so difficult in extra time? » The German manager was visibly frustrated as he issued a stern response, saying: « A bit of a dumb question, I have to say. »

The reporter followed up by asking: « So, too many games? » before Klopp snapped back: « Oh, come on. You are obviously not in great shape and I have no nerves for you. »

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