How to make orchid bloom ‘for over two years’ with two household items

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How to make orchid bloom ‘for over two years’ with two household items

Orchids, compared to a few other houseplants, are notorious for being hard to care for. You can’t just place an orchid on a windowsill and check in every few weeks the way you can with a succulent.

You actually need to know how to care for an orchid to keep it from withering and encourage new blooms.

If orchid owners are not seeing any blooms they should never give up and throw away the plant as it will continue to grow and bloom year after year with good care.

Sharing the results of giving her orchid care and attention, one woman took to the Orchids Tips and Tricks Facebook page to show her blooming houseplants.

Posting pictures of five of her orchids, Phyllis Fred said: “Snapped a few shots of my orchids while watering them today. I have had them blooming nonstop since we moved in July 2021. They really like our new home.”

With group members in awe of how she managed to encourage these “gorgeous” blooms from her orchid, Phyllis shared her secret in the comments section.

Rita Jose-Cirkse wrote: “Gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing! How old are they and how do you water and fertilise them?”

Phyllis replied: “Thank you. I have had most of them for about 10 years. I water them once a week for about half an hour. 

“Soak with well water, Epsom salts and baking soda. They have been continually in bloom for over two years.”

When asked how much of each ingredient to use, Phyllis replied: “Half a teaspoon of each in two litres of water.”

Depending on how fast your potting bark dries out, you may need to water your orchid more or less than Phyllis. You may need to repeat this somewhere between every five to 11 days.

According to gardening expert and orchid enthusiast, Melissa Strauss of Epic Gardening blog claims that incorporating Epsom salt into your orchid care routine is a “great way” to boost blooms.

She said: “Epsom salts are a valuable and inexpensive way to give your orchids, and other plants, the valuable nutrients they need. 

“Their use in plant care contributes to bigger, healthier, more robust plants, with larger, more colourful blooms.”

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