The Fox serial rapist Malcolm Fairley makes bid for freedom | UK | News

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The Fox serial rapist Malcolm Fairley makes bid for freedom | UK | News

Notorious sex attacker The Fox who stuck terror into the nation during a sickening spate of crimes in the summer of 1984 must never be released from prison, the senior police officer who led the investigation has demanded.

Malcolm Fairley raped men and women after breaking into numerous homes across the Home Counties in a seven-month spree.

People across the nation were advised to sleep with bedroom windows locked and beef up home security as the perpetrator seemingly targeted victims at will.

He was dubbed ‘The Fox’, because he would build dens in the houses he broke into while waiting for homeowners to return.

Masked and brandishing a shotgun, he would then commit crimes which included rapes, indecent assaults and violently attacks.

Married couples were bound up and forced to watch their partners being attacked whilst their children lay asleep in adjacent rooms.

A major new documentary about the chilling series of sexual attacks and burglaries has now revealed that Fairley, who was sentenced to six life sentences for his crimes, is eligible for a parole board review later this year.

But Det Ch Supt Brian Prickett, who led the investigation that led to his capture, has demanded the now 72-year-old sex beast should die behind bars.

He said: “Malcolm Fairley should never come out of prison after all the fear and harm he put into the community. He never deserves to be released because I think he’s still a real risk to the public.”

The documentary, ‘The Intruder: He’s Watching You From Within’, is now available to stream on Channel 5 player My5, and details the pursuit of one of the most prolific and depraved offenders in British criminal history – with fascinating insights provided by the detectives who ultimately snared Fairley.

The film also includes never before heard police interviews with Fairley where he confesses to his terrible crimes.

Fairley, originally from County Durham, brought terror to the usually peaceful villages of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire as he launched a series of increasingly violent burglaries.

At its height in the summer of 1984 there were three attacks in just one week and 200 officers were involved in one of the largest police manhunts in British criminal history.

Fairley also committed break-ins and sexual crimes in Milton Keynes, South Yorkshire and his native North East. He was eventually arrested in September 1984 at home in Kentish Town, North London, after a farmer found his shotgun buried in his field and forensic officers subsequently discovered paint on a tree branch that came from a ‘harvest yellow’ Austin Allegro car. There were 1,500 such cars on the UK roads but one of the first owner’s police traced was Fairley – whose vehicle was covered in matching scratch marks.

He was arrested on the spot having committed 81 offences.

In the documentary now retired Det Ch Supt Prickett talks about finally coming face to face with Fairley: “When I first saw him, he said to me, ‘I’d seen you on the television a few times, and I never thought I’d see you in real life’, and I said to him, ‘I knew I’d see you’.

“We said, ‘Why did you do it? Tell us why. Do you realize what you did to these people? Are you sorry?’ He shrugged his shoulders. He never showed any remorse, or he never once asked, ‘How are these people?’ Not once.”

The officer added: “Psychiatrists said that he was rational and that he was normal. Well, I never accepted that. As a police officer, you deal with him professionally, but as a human being to human being, you’ve got complete disgust, you’ve got almost hatred. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the motivation he had for the attacks he carried out.”

After sentencing Fairley to six life sentences, following his trial at St Albans Crown Court in February 1985, Mr Justice Caulfield said: « There are degrees of wickedness beyond condemnatory description. Your crimes fall within this category. You desecrated and defiled men and women in their own homes.”

The Intruder: He’s Watching You From Within available now on My5.

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