Moment Keir Starmer’s home is targeted by loony leftie protest with Palestine flag | UK | News

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Moment Keir Starmer’s home is targeted by loony leftie protest with Palestine flag | UK | News

Keir Starmer’s home has been targeted by protesters, with three lefties setting up camp outside. A trio from Youth Demand are protesting outside the Labour leader’s home in northwest London over his support of selling arms to Israel.

They have placed a ‘Starmer stop the killing’ banner on his garden hedge, while they sit on the floor beside it holding a Palestine flag.

The group also placed a selection of children’s shoes on his front path, to symbolise the more than 12,000 Palestinian children killed in Israeli bombings.

In a video posted on social media, the three activists say: “Starmer is the leader of the Labour party. He’s got enormous power, enormous influence and he can call on a two-way arms embargo on Israel, stop sending UK-made weapons over that are being used to cause genocide.

“I see his humanity, he’s an individual but he’s also in a position where he’s got an enormous opportunity to make a difference and to do something and to stop the mass death that we know is coming.

“It’s just through circumstance that Starmer is not in Palestine, that I’m not in Palestine. We have to see everyone’s humanity and it’s on every single person now to do the right thing.”

The Prime Minister hit back against the activists, reposting the video on X (formerly Twitter) with the caption: « I don’t care what your politics are, no MP should be harassed at their own home. We cannot and will not tolerate this. »

According to Oxfam, the UK is supplying millions of pounds worth of arms to Israel, making it “complicit in the killing of civilians taking place every day in Gaza”.

UK arms sales to Israel since 2015 are to the value of at least £489m worth of military exports to Israel. That includes parts for combat aircrafts, missiles, tanks, technology, small arms and ammunition.

If a UK company wants to export military goods to another nation, they need a Government licence. A licence can’t be granted/should be revoked if there’s a clear risk that military equipment sold by the UK could be used to violate human rights or international humanitarian law by the country they have been sold to.

Sunday marked six months since the attacks in Israel by Hamas which saw 1,200 people killed. There are still 129 hostages unaccounted for, with at least 34 presumed dead.

Since then, the Israeli response has killed more than 33,000 people in Gaza and seen over 75,000 injured.

As the bombing has grown more bloody, the Labour leader now faces growing calls to demand the UK stop selling arms to Israel, but pressure has been brought to bear not only in the realms of policy.

Outraged Labour MPs as well as grassroots and senior figures have graduated the party line from full support for Israel to calling for a ceasefire.

Anas Sarwar, the Scottish Labour leader, has become the latest senior party figure to urge an immediate ban on UK arms sales to Israel

Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride told Sky News: « We should be supporting Israel, particularly in her hour of need… however, that is not an unconditional support.

« We expect Israel not to do the kinds of things that happened with the aid workers. And we have made very clear that we are appalled by what happened there.”

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey said his party already believed there should be « an arms embargo on the sale of arms to Israel based on what we already know » about how the conflict has played out.

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