How to store carrots: Keep them fresh for four weeks longer with clever water storage tip

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How to store carrots: Keep them fresh for four weeks longer with clever water storage tip

Carrots going bad before their expiration date can be incredibly annoying, but they may spoil quickly if you do not know the correct method to store them.

It may seem easy to simply throw carrots in the vegetable drawer of your fridge, but taking a few minutes to prepare these vegetables properly can help keep them fresh for longer.

Laura Fuentes, a cooking expert from Momables, has shared that carrots need a steady supply of moisture to extend their shelf life.

She said: “The secret to keeping cut carrots fresh is to refrigerate them in an airtight container filled with water. Otherwise, they will soften over time and develop that pale white exterior.

“Alternatively, without any moisture and depending on where in the fridge you keep them, they will often dry out and look white on the outside (this often happens with baby carrots).”

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Laura said: “Once you peel carrots, they lose moisture quickly; storing them in water extends their shelf life for up to 4 weeks and preserves the crisp texture.

“You can also do this with baby carrots or limp, dried-out carrots, as the cold water will help revive them.”

Remember to change the water in the container about every four to five days or when it goes cloudy and the carrots will last much longer.

However, if the carrots are smelly or appear rotting then the best course of action is to throw them away as they cannot be saved.

Laura added: “Don’t be mistaken; not all carrots are salvageable. If they are soft and have a slimy surface, it’s time to toss them into the trash or compost bin.”

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