How to clean ‘thick and stubborn’ limescale from the bottom of your toilet bowl

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How to clean ‘thick and stubborn’ limescale from the bottom of your toilet bowl

Limescale, composed primarily of calcium carbonate, poses a common challenge in regions with hard water, characterised by elevated mineral content.

Back in 2022, followers of Mrs Hinch popularised on social media an effective solution to rid toilet bowls of these stubborn stains without the need for arduous scrubbing.

One member of the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group sought advice, asking: « How do I restore the whiteness of my toilet? »

According to The Mirror, she mentioned using zero-limescale toilet cleaner, finding it somewhat effective but seeking a more efficient method to restore her toilet’s pristine appearance.

In response, commenters suggested a simple solution: using a dishwasher tablet.

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One person shared: « If you have a dishwasher tablet, you can drop one in and it works in an hour or so. Works every time. »

Another commenter attested to the effectiveness of using a dishwasher tablet, claiming it can remove even the most “stubborn” stains.

They said: « Drop a dishwasher tablet in the toilet and leave as long as you can before flushing it removes even thick and stubborn limescale. »

And recently, Jen Needham, also known as the Cleaning Fairy Godmother shared her best advice to get rid of limescale.

Despite many cleaners loving a combination of white vinegar and baking soda to tackle the task, Jen claims that the best way to remove limescale is to use a pumice stone.

She said: « Remove the water from the bottom of the toilet by pushing it out with a toilet brush.

« Then, gently go over the marks with a pumice stone and it will get through them perfectly. »

Due to the unique porous structure of a pumice stone, it makes it great for removing toilet limescale. This nifty item can be picked up from eBay for just £2.40.

Once the limescale is removed, the cleaning pro recommended a product to use daily to prevent it from coming back – and that’s Harpic Power Plus Black.

She said: « A great product to use daily once you’ve tackled the limescale is black Harpic toilet gel. Using it daily will help to control the build-up. »

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