Canary Islands warning for tourists as Lanzarote on verge of collapse | Travel News | Travel

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Canary Islands warning for tourists as Lanzarote on verge of collapse | Travel News | Travel

Holidaymakers are being warned to stay away from popular beauty spots in Lanzarote as the island gears up for a mass protest on April 20th.

Fake « closed due to overtourism » signs have been put up at various locations as environmentalists say Lanzarote is being ruined by its own success.

And there is now a call for all residents worried abut the escalating situation to join in the protest which Tenerife is also taking part in, as well as Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and La Palma.

« Lanzarote has a limit » is the motto of the call on this island and is carried out by anonymous citizens « who do not represent any group or political party. »

Messages on the social networks (@Lanzarote has a limit #lanzarotetieneunlimite) encourages « all citizens » to participate in this demonstration.

« We want you to be the protagonist of this demand. Waitress, cleaning worker, doctor, farmer, teacher, merchant, businesswoman, rancher, scientist, whoever you are, participate in this massive protest. Lanzarote does not support more than three million annual tourists (3,049,188 tourists in 2022, ISTAC) who visit the island in a disorderly manner. The island is collapsing socially and environmentally, » the organisers claim.

They condemn tourist overcrowding and its consequences « but not the arrival of tourists in a controlled and sustainable way. »

 « We want to unite all the citizens of Lanzarote who are concerned about tourist overcrowding and its effects on the territory and public services. As is happening on other islands, Lanzarote is no longer sustainable, » they explain.

The campaigners say it is impossible to access housing and also criticise the congestion of health services, the collapse of the waste management system, the lack of water for consumption and the agricultural sector, the loss of quality of life, poor public transportation, overcrowding of protected spaces affected by multiple crimes and environmental infractions and the loss of biodiversity, among others.

« The current model has completely destroyed the quality of life in the Canary Islands and those reasons that made the islands unique: the conditions of a dignified and valuable life, our biodiversity, our landscapes, our people and the identity of what we were, » they say.

« It is necessary to act immediately to change the mass tourism model for a regulated model based on degrowth and the sustainable coexistence of the tourism industry with the general well-being of the population. »

In addition, they demand “improving and increasing health services, increasing educational resources, multiplying public transportation and guaranteeing the right to housing.

Finally, they demand the “reduction of tourist pressure in protected natural spaces with better management and greater surveillance to avoid ecological attacks and environmental deterioration that are currently taking place.”

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