Police hunt prowler linked with two rapes in central London four years apart | UK | News

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Police hunt prowler linked with two rapes in central London four years apart | UK | News

Investigating officers have released disturbing CCTV footage of one of the attacks after DNA samples linked the same attacker to the two incidents.

The suspect is said to target ‘lone women in the night time economy’.

The first attack took place in the early hours of one Saturday in May 2018 near to The Strand, whilst the second occurred less than three miles away in Shoreditch in December 2022.

Forensics officers have now established that the same unidentified man was behind both attacks and are appealing for information from anyone who believes they may know the attacker.

Police released media appeals following both incidents, but the suspect remains unidentified.

DI Chris Heathcote, who is responsible for investigating rape and serious offences in east London, added that given the attacks were four years apart, it was ‘highly likely’ that the suspect had carried out further attacks.

« These two offences were initially investigated by separate teams given the distance between the two incidents, » he said.

« However, we have since been able to forensically link the same individual to both offences.

« Given the four-year gap, we must assume that it’s highly likely the suspect has carried out further attacks.

« A review of all unsolved rapes for this time period has identified no links to these two offences, but I would appeal to anyone who feels they have been a victim to come forward.”

CCTV footage of the 2022 incident in Shoreditch shows the man escorting a woman, who appears to be drunk, by the arm.

The pair stop and the man forcibly pulls the woman towards him, holding her tight in his grip.

Police said the victim was later raped in the early hours of December 10, 2022.

The first offence occurred at around 02.50hrs on Saturday 5 May 2018 near to The Strand.

Significant enquiries were carried out by officers at the time in an attempt to identify the suspect, including analysis of hours of CCTV footage.

An E-fit previously released in connection with the 2018 offence has also been reissued.

DI Heathcote added: “The suspect involved in both incidents appears to target lone women in the night time economy.

« I understand there will be concern that this individual remains outstanding, but can offer every assurance that we are taking all possible steps to ensure he is found and brought to justice for these awful crimes.

« If you believe you have been a victim or recognise the man from any of the material released please come forward.

« Any information – no matter how small – could help us with our investigation.”

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