Older drivers above 70 can avoid fines but run risk of driving ban under new scheme

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Older drivers above 70 can avoid fines but run risk of driving ban under new scheme

Older drivers above the age of 70 could dodge prosecution, fines and penalty points under a new fitness-to-drive assessment being rolled out in certain parts of the UK.

However, elderly motorists run the risk of having their driving licence revoked completely if they are deemed a major risk.

The scheme is currently being trialled in North Wales after similar projects were already rolled out across the UK.

Inspector Iwan Roberts of North Wales Police’ Roads Crime Unit claimed the new system could help “reduce the number of people killed or injured on the roads”.

He claimed the idea was a “positive alternative” to simply hitting drivers with penalties and could help older motorists stay on the roads for longer.

Ian explained: “This scheme is just one of the initiatives we have to reduce the number of people who are killed or seriously injured on the roads and is an excellent example of joint agency and partnership working.

“I must stress that this is not a driving test, but merely an assessment to help individuals to keep driving safely. The scheme will provide a vital choice for older drivers who wish to replace potential prosecution, points or a fine, with a positive alternative.”

Motorists involved in a collision will be referred to the Fitness to Drive assessment centre via the police.

Drivers will then sit through a 20-minute interview looking at their driving history and previous health conditions.

Road users physical and cognitive ability will also be tested before a simple eyesight test.

After this over 70’s will be taken out for a 45 minute to one hour drive where an Occupational Therapist and driving instructor will assess their skills.

Motorists will then be given honest feedback on their abilities with a report then submitted back to licence.

The findings will then determine whether a road user is safe to continue driving with some motorists likely to be told to stop completely.

Gary Jones of the Wales Mobility and Driving Assessment Service revealed motorists told to give up their licence would be supported to find alternative transport options.

He said: “We’re incredibly pleased to be working with North Wales Police on this pilot scheme to ensure that all road users remain safe on the roads.

“This positive approach assesses, educates and supports people to remain driving safer for longer as we understand the huge impact that ceasing driving can have on people’s lives – we are here to help confirm a driver’s fitness to continue driving and also to support them to find alternative options available so they can retain their independence, if driving is no longer safely possible.”

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