How to unblock drains in less than two minutes with ‘fantastic item plumber swears by’

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How to unblock drains in less than two minutes with ‘fantastic item plumber swears by’

Drains can quickly accumulate grease and grime that can lead to nasty blockages both in kitchens and bathrooms.

While there are so many products available to clear blocked drains, many of them don’t seem to work well.

With this in mind, one woman shared a product she uses on her drains as recommended by a plumber after one Mrs Hinch fan asked for suggestions for her blocked kitchen sink.

Nichola Chottin wrote: “Can anyone recommend something to unblock my kitchen sink? It’s been blocked for months. 

“It drains, but super slowly. I’ve got a flexible pokey tool that helps short term, but it doesn’t last. 

“My dishwasher drains into the same pipe, and the water bubbles up into the sink as it drains.”

Taking to the comments section, group members were split between using or a shop-bought item.

Angela Wear said: “Sorting u-bend is a priority. Afterwards use soda crystals from cleaning aisle in supermarkets followed by boiling water on a regular basis. They’re really cheap and very effective.”

Catherine Elson wrote: “I pour soda crystals down the plughole first thing in the morning when the pipe is dry. Then I leave it for half an hour then flush with boiling water.”

Sue Tokley commented: “Put some soda crystals into the plug hole then add at least a pint of white vinegar. 

“It will then fizz up and keep fizzing for a while. Once the fizzing has stopped, pour some hot water down. Repeat if necessary.”

Others suggested using .

Liz Reddin wrote: “HG drain and sink unblocker. It’s very good and doesn’t take long to work. 

“Pour the whole bottle down the plug hole leave it to work for an hour then boil the kettle and pour down. Job done.”

Hannah Hedges said: “Second the HG drain and sink unblocker. Done mine in less than two minutes the water just started draining.”

Posting a picture of the HG drain and plug unblocker, Jane Moore said: “This is a fantastic item my plumber said he swears by and I’ve found it solves any drain blockage I’ve had instantly.”

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