‘My husband and I earn £200k but we’re livid we don’t get free childcare’ | UK | News

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‘My husband and I earn £200k but we’re livid we don’t get free childcare’ | UK | News

A parent has revealed she is « livid » at the government’s free childcare scheme after feeling it’s a « lose-lose situation » for high earners.

From September 2024, parents will be eligible for 15 hours of free childcare for youngsters aged nine months or over – if the parents are working.

But for those earning over £100,000, they will not be eligible for the free hours. Speaking to The Times, the anonymous parent explained how they earned over the threshold to receive the free funding, meaning they will not be eligible for the extra support.

She said: « Generally speaking I’m livid about the cost of childcare. It costs just shy of £4,000 a month to put our two children in nursery – a £66,000 salary, basically, or a bit less than the price of sending a child to Eton. It’s a nightmare. »

She went on to explain that her children are in full time childcare from 8am to 6pm, with the eldest ages four and the youngest turning two this year.

She went on to say: « I’m especially livid about the government’s ‘free’ scheme, which began this week and plans to allocate 150,000 funded childcare places within days. Not only will I not be benefiting from the scheme, I’m effectively subsidising it. It’s a lose-lose situation for me. »

The parent’s childcare bills went up last month, with fees rising by a third in the three years since their daughter joined.

Some nursery’s have increased their childcare prices in response to the free childcare places, with this parent’s nursery citing that as one of the reasons for the price increase, as well as the cost of living crisis and electricity bills.

She went on to say « one person was in tears » when she learned of the price increase.

Justifying their combined £200,000 salary, the parent added: « Yes, we’re high earners, but we’re making the choice to go back to work and pay into the economy. What;s the point when I keep getting stealth taxed like this? »

The anonymous parent also said their childcare bills cost more than their mortgage, costing a total of £3,726.17 a month.

They then spend an additional £77 a month for food. And while their eldest daughter will be going to school soon, they are concerned about how others « survive ».

Citing one friend who earns £75,000, she went on to explain its « just enough to pay for two children to go to nursery in the southeast ». She added: « How much do you have to earn to justify going back to work? Something is seriously wrong. »

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