WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook down as thousands report server outage | UK | News

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WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook down as thousands report server outage | UK | News

WhatsApp appeared to be down leaving users furious as they attempted to use the messaging service.

There were 22,564 reports of WhatsApp outages at 7.24pm (GMT) on Wednesday (April 3) from a baseline of just four, according to DownDetector.

Seventy percent of reported issues were due to the app itself, with 24 percent over receiving messages and six percent on the website.

The issue appears to have affected WhatsApp across the world, with users in countries including Bangladesh, Egypt, Ecuador, the US and Portugal reporting problems via DownDetector.

Facebook and Instagram have also been affected, along with WhatsApp. The three are part of Meta, which has been approached for comment.

According to DownDetector, there were 1,333 report of issues with Facebook as of 7.19pm, with almost 80 percent of problems centring around the app itself.

Instagram went from a peak of 3,596 reported outages at 7.22pm to 1,712 by 7.37pm, DownDetector shows.

WhatsApp posted on X at 7.55pm, saying: « We know some people are experiencing issues right now. We’re working on getting things back to 100 percent for everyone as quickly as possible. »

There weren’t any posts on Facebook or Instagram‘s X accounts at the time of writing.

A spokesperson for Meta Platforms Inc. told the Daily Mail « major disruptions » in its ads transparency tools had caused the outages.

Users took to X to see if anyone else was experiencing problems, with most complaining they were unable to send messages.

Others said they were unable to receive them and some declared they couldn’t access the apps at all.

An Instagram user posting on DownDetector said some of the highlights from their profile had disappeared and they couldn’t see who had viewed their story.

Others posted on DownDetector saying links wouldn’t open in Facebook with one user saying they couldn’t even see their account.

A WhatsApp user in Bolivia and another in New York posted on DownDetector that the platform was back up for them.

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