Russian tanks annihilated by Ukrainian cluster bombs in heart-stopping new footage | World | News

Russian tanks annihilated by Ukrainian cluster bombs in heart-stopping new footage | World | News

Ukraine has dealt another significant blow to Russia‘s armoured vehicles in newly-released thermal imaging footage showcasing the cluster attack.

The video was shared on social media platform X by a veteran of the Ukrainian army and reportedly shows the 92nd Separate Assault Brigade taking out a series of Russian vehicles.

He wrote: « A Russian assault towards positions of the 92nd brigade was repelled thanks to the thermal vision drones. The aftermath of this assault was published before, but this video wasn’t yet made public.

« You can see effective work of our artillery and cluster munitions, however, it wouldn’t be possible with thermal vision drones that provided the picture. At second 15 you can see Russian armor exploding because of the submunition hit. »

The 30-second clip highlights 12 Russian targets, said to be travelling near the city of Andriivka, before Ukrainian forces rain down a cluster munition strike, taking some of them out.

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If you can’t see the video above, click here.

It is not clear from the video exactly how many of the armoured vehicles were destroyed, but footage shows a series of explosions after subminitions from cluster bombs hit the field

Andriivka is south of the city of Bakhmut, which has been wiped out since Russia took control in May 2023 as part of its offensive mission in the Donetsk region.

Since its capture, Russian forces have been moving westward towards the the settlement of Chasiv Yar.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are often used by Ukrainian forces to execute strikes on Russian assets, particularly armoured vehicles.


Cluster munitions, which Ukrainian troops utilised in the video, are banned in more than 120 countries, but have been used by both Russia and Ukraine throughout the war.

They are highly controversial as they are a high risk to civilians and detonate long after they have been deployed. However, in July 2023, the US agreed to supply Ukraine with munitions used in this type of strike.

There is a treaty countries can sign to prohibit using, producing, or stockpiling cluster munitions, but Ukraine, Russia, and the US have not signed it.

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