How to clean an air fryer fast with cleaner’s baking soda and one other item method

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How to clean an air fryer fast with cleaner’s baking soda and one other item method

Air fryers have probably been left in a sorry state if they have been used over the Easter weekend.

Grease and pieces of food can quickly get stuck to the basket of this appliance if a liner hasn’t been used.

This often results in hours of scrubbing that doesn’t even remove the stains, but can often lift the non-stick coating.

In a bid to help her followers easily clean their air fryer, Lyndsay took to her TikTok account @norfolkavenue to share her best cleaning advice.

She captioned the short video: “How to clean your air fryer. Literally so easy.” Lindsay started the video by saying: “The air fryer is one of the easiest things to clean and here’s a video to prove it.”

Lyndsay starts by adding three scoops of baking soda to the basket before adding a generous squid of washing-up liquid over the top.

The washing-up liquid that was used was the , however, any brand of dish soap can be used for this tip.

She then pours in boiling water to the basket making sure the bottom is completely submerged.

Lyndsay then instructed her audience: “Let that soak for around 30 minutes for effortless cleaning.”

The cleaning pro then returns to the air fryer basket once the time is up and said: “Look at all of that grease that’s lifted.”

The water had gone from white in colour to a dark yellow shade with burnt food bits floating around in it.

Lydsay then poured out the dirty water and gave it a “light scrub” using a scratch-resistant sponge before rinsing it out.

Nancy Emery, cleaning expert at Tap Warehouse, also uses washing up liquid in her “foolproof” step-by-step guide to cleaning air fryers.

The first step is to turn off the appliance and leave it to cool if it has just been used. Next, fill the sink with hot soapy water.

Remove the basket and pop the tray and any other air fryer accessories in the sink to soak. Wipe around the basket with a kitchen towel to remove any loose food, dirt and grease. 

Wash in warm soapy water. Nancy recommends using a traditional washing-up pad that has a soft sponge and scourer side as using too much force could scratch the surface of the fryer. Do the same with the tray and any other accessories.

Then wipe over the air fryer components with a clean soft cloth. Afterwards, get a clean microfibre or soft cloth and soak it in warm water to wipe around the inside of the air fryer where the basket sits. 

You can even wipe around the heating element as long as it is completely cool before doing so.

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