Mrs Hinch fans share ‘magic’ grass hack for cleaning oven racks

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Mrs Hinch fans share ‘magic’ grass hack for cleaning oven racks

Cleaning ovens is a laborious chore that usually takes hours. Oven racks, in particular, can be fiddly to clean with pieces of food and grease getting stuck on them.

Usually, people resort to using harsh chemicals to clean oven racks, however, these can smell pungent and can be harmful to our skin and the environment.

Fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch have shared a simple hack for cleaning ovens racks that doesn’t involve spending a penny – leave them on the grass overnight.

Kelly Flude and Hayley Reddick both posted in the Facebook group ‘Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips’ questions about cleaning oven racks.

Both posts were inundated with hundreds of suggestions but one of the most unusual tips was to put the racks out on the grass.

Zoe Ann Attwood said: « I put mine in the garden on the grass… 48 hours and the black grease comes off.

« Or, just leave them to the elements one at a time for a couple of weeks. Or, even better, have an oven cleaner company come to your house and make your oven like new. »

Ingrid Kelley posted: « In winter, throw them onto the grass at evening time. [In the] morning, wipe them over, badly burned [ones] may need going over with a Brillo pad [and] scoured. »

Marion Irwin agreed and wrote: « Definitely works. Really amazing. » Di Durbin commented: « Leave out overnight in longish grass – magic! »

Sally Coatsworth suggested: « Apparently, just throw them on the grass. » Not only is this cleaning tip free, it also doesn’t require using any harsh chemicals such as oven cleaners.

However, some experts have claimed the cleaning suggestion isn’t « the most effective ».

House cleaning expert and supervisor Petya Holevich said: « While grass has some abrasive properties that can help loosen dirt and food residue from the oven racks, it isn’t specifically something designed for cleaning and there’s no actual guarantee that it will effectively remove more stubborn grime and grease. »

Other suggestions from Mrs Hinch fans included using dishwasher tablets, Oven Pride and washing powder.

Tina Robson said: « Oven Pride. You put the racks in the big plastic bags provided and add the oven pride. Leave over night. »

Sophie Woolmington replied: « Soak in the bath with washing powder/gel and it just wipes off with a sponge. »

Gail Wilkinson commented: « Dishwasher tablets. Soak in the sink overnight then rub over with a Brillo. Comes off easy. »

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