Furious parents threaten to boycott school over ‘outrageous’ new £45 rule | UK | News

Furious parents threaten to boycott school over ‘outrageous’ new £45 rule | UK | News

Parents have threatened to boycott a school over a new rule that would require them to shell out £45 to outfit their children.

Girls attending Priestlands School in Lymington, Hampshire, have reportedly been told to wear £45 bespoke tartan skirts as their families are « struggling to put food on the table ».

They have threatened to send their children to school wearing clothing from local supermarkets instead as the public and officials lambast the policy that was introduced by Priestlands’ headmaster, Peter Main.

Mums have claimed the new tartan uniform has been introduced to prevent girls from shortening their own clothing.

But the headmaster has hit back, stating the new uniform provision is a solution to feedback provided by parents, students and staff and that there have been « many positive comments » alongside the disappointment.

Depending on the size, the new skirts will set parents back between £36.99 and £44.99, a newsletter seen by The Sun reportedly revealed.

Furious parents condemned the « Priestlands Tartan » policy as « tone deaf”, « outrageous » and « out of touch ».

One mum told the paper it was « disgusting » given « families are struggling to put food on the table ».

The paper reported there were instances of pupils hitching up their skirts to create mini skirts, but parents have disagreed with staff policing their children’s uniforms.

The issue has even made it to local officials, with Jack Davies, the Mayor of Lymington and Pennington, branding it a « disgrace », again due to the financial demands on local families.

He said he has emailed the school asking staff to reverse the decision, adding: « Schools should not be making uniforms more expensive for parents during a cost-of-living crisis. »

Headmaster Mr Main has responded to the issue by saying Priestlands « consulted parents, students and staff » before the new policy was implemented, adding he had received a « significant number of comments » raising the need to change school skirts.

He said: « We have duly responded to this with a solution that addresses this feedback.

« As with any change, it is hard to please everyone, but there have been many positive comments as well as some who are disappointed with the change. »

He added: « Priestlands always offers support for families struggling financially. »

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