How to clean duvet with natural method – no washing machine needed

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How to clean duvet with natural method – no washing machine needed

Bedding can be a pain to get clean, especially when it comes to duvets given their size.

For those who are lucky enough to have a large drum washing machine then most duvets can be washed this way using the duvet setting.

However, for those who can’t fit a duvet into their washing machine and don’t want to take them to their dry cleaners, the Queen of Clean Lynsey Crombie has shared an alternative method.

She recommended: “On a beautiful bright sunny day get your duvet out on the washing line.

“Leave [the duvet] out in the fresh air and sunshine, the sun is a natural disinfectant so will help to kill germs and bacteria.”

Rachel Marshall, brand manager at also recommends this tip. She said: “If you opt for a sunny day to air your duvet, the sunlight is a fantastic natural deodoriser that can help to remove unpleasant smells caused by things like sweat and oils released from the body.

“This means you can put down those artificial air fresheners or cleaning chemicals to keep your bedding smelling fresh.”

The bedding expert also noted that sunlight can also help to “revitalise your duvet” in other ways. 

Rachel said: “The warmth of the sunshine can even help to restore the loft of your duvet which helps to give it that fluffy, bouncy feeling that gradually fades over time.”

What’s more, letting a duvet sit out in the fresh air for a few hours every now and then can also help with moisture removal. 

The expert explained that the fresh air helps to evaporate any excess moisture trapped within the duvet fibres.

Spring is the perfect time to do this as homes can often see a build-up of humidity particularly in the bedroom, so airing the duvet now will help to prevent the growth of mildew, mould and allergens just in time for summer.

If there are stains on the duvet, Lynsey said to use “hydrogen peroxide and apply neat to the stain, then once the stain has removed rinse away”.

While this is a great way to air out bedding, it is also advised to give it a wash twice a year.

Rachel said: “We’d always recommend giving your duvet a thorough clean every six months, but this quick and easy tip is the perfect way to keep your bedding fresh in those in-between months.”

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