The pretty little UK town an hour away from London where house prices are £300k cheaper | UK | News

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The pretty little UK town an hour away from London where house prices are £300k cheaper | UK | News

London is one of the world’s best cities, but there’s one area where it drastically falls below far. Property prices often leave people unable to get onto the housing ladder as they are already bogged down with sky-high rental payments.

But there are a number of commuter towns options right on the capital’s doorstep. Some of them are, admittedly, just as pricey as London, but others are considerably cheaper.

One such town is that of Essex’s Wivenhoe, on the banks of the River Colne, listed in The Times’ 2024 best places to live as the finest option for anyone in the East of England, according to MyLondon.

Surrounded by green belt land, Wivenhoe offers the best of both worlds – easy access to the bustling City of London, where you might work, shop and the rest, as well as to sweeping, lush greenery and quaint riverside pubs.

The town is abundant with free parking, picturesque waterfront views and a solid choice of pubs. According to an EssexLive reporter: « There are two parts to Wivenhoe, the old town in ‘lower Wivenhoe’ and then the newer homes at the top. »

« Firstly there’s plenty of free parking in this town if you know where to look and that is a big bonus seeing as there are very few places you can do that in nowadays. »

« Almost every home has some outward nautical theme, from the front gardens which have a buoy or two, or a life ring on the wall.

« Some of the gardens right down at the waterfront are little more than a bench and table overlooking the water, and it seems like people who live here have chosen the view above all else – I can’t say I blame them. »

Properties in Wivenhoe are around £300,000 cheaper than in London, a considerable difference for just an hour’s journey.

According to Rightmove, homes in Wivenhoe went for an average of £405,000, compared to London’s £710,000. Even detached properties in Wivenhoe are cheaper than the London average, and should set you back around £543,000.

There’s also the commute to consider. Getting into Liverpool Street on a direct train from Wivenhoe should take just over an hour. If you fancy a visit to scope out the place, you can book tickets on Trainline.

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