Limescale will ‘drop off’ taps in a few hours thanks to 15p staple

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Limescale will ‘drop off’ taps in a few hours thanks to 15p staple

Limescale deposits can form very quickly but can quickly get thicker and more stubborn if they’re not regularly tackled.

Facebook Fiona Vincent Hayden asked fellow social media users on the group ‘Cleaning tips and tricks’ how to get rid of limescale stains around taps.

Fiona asked: « Can anyone help me clean this tap? What product would I use and how? New rental property, just moved in. »

The post showed her kitchen tap was covered in limescale, particularly around the spout.

The post received 130 comments from fellow cleaning enthusiasts with the majority suggesting she use lemons.

Lemons can be bought from most local supermarkets and online from as little as 15p per lemon. which works out at 14.8p per lemon.

Paula WasGummerson Foster said: « Cut a lemon in half and tape it to the tap leave for a few hours and it will just drop off. »

Jane-Louise Brannan said: « Cut a lemon and attach it to the tap with a band. Leave for as long as possible, this will soften the build up then use a dampened 2p coin to remove it. »

Joanne Thompson agreed and wrote: « Cut a lemon in half fix to the tap leave a while scrub off use 2p for stubborn bits. »

Debra Venson suggested: « Cut a lemon in half and attach it to the end of the tap leave for a while and it comes off. »

Julie Wilson replied: « Chop the lemon in half force it onto the end, tie and leave for a couple of hours. »

Other suggestions from cleaning fans included using Viakal, white vinegar and Kilrock.

Angela Severn-Morrell said: « I put Viakal into a small plastic bag and then use an elastic band to secure it.

« I usually leave mine for around five minutes, but I clean mine regularly and we have very hard water here. I would soak your tap for around 10 minutes at a time. »

Kim Martin suggested: « Get a plastic bag, rubber band and vinegar. Tie it around soaking in vinegar. Should help. »

Mihaela Ghizdeanu commented: « Kilrock Descaler is the most amazing thing ever. Just put it in a little plastic bag, wrap it around and watch the magic. »

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