Two effective steps to ‘kill’ bed bugs fast and leave your mattress fresh

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Two effective steps to ‘kill’ bed bugs fast and leave your mattress fresh

Bed bugs are small insects that can live on bedding, on or even inside the mattress.

They can bite which results in small rashes forming which may be itchy.

Ben Slater from Online-Bedrooms shared the best way to remove them from a mattress as well as how to keep it clean.

Common signs you may have a bed bug infestation include blood stains on sheets and pillowcases, eggshells or shredded skin, a musty odour around the bed as well as seeing living or dead bugs.

Ben said: “Bed bugs are active all year round but they do tend to peak in the summertime as they love the heat and are more active in warmer conditions.”

Since bed bugs multiply very quickly, it’s essential to spot them and eradicate them before they reproduce.

How to remove bed bugs: 

1. Clean the sheets, bedding and pyjamas

Ben said: “The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to put everything in a hot wash; this includes bedding, pyjamas and anything else that has been affected by bed bugs.

“The NHS also advises to put any affected bedding or clothing into a bag and pop this in the freezer for around three to four days to kill any remaining bed bugs.”

2. Clean the bedroom

Make sure to reduce any clutter in the bedroom and around the bed as well as vacuum the area often.

It’s a good idea to give the mattress a deep clean too. “recommend cleaning your mattress every three months,” but if you’ve got bed bugs, do it immediately.

You can clean a mattress by “vacuuming as well as using some warm water”.

Ben added: “Gently brush a mixture of soap and warm water on the mattress and let it sit for four hours before brushing off. 

“Don’t outright pour all of the water directly onto the mattress, as it can make the problem worse.”

If you have a steamer tool, this is highly effective for removing bed bugs, as long as it reaches 120 degrees or hotter.

Once the mattress is fully dry, use baking soda. Ben explained: “Sprinkling some baking soda over a freshly clean mattress can soak up any excess moisture within it. Just make sure to vacuum up any remaining particles before putting the bedding back on.”

Before placing your sheets back on the mattress, add an extra layer with a mattress protector.

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