Mike Tyson’s close friend reveals ‘scary’ Jake Paul fight plan | Boxing | Sport

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Mike Tyson’s close friend reveals ‘scary’ Jake Paul fight plan | Boxing | Sport

And the time world’s baddest man alive is plotting to knock out his YouTuber rival to bring the curtain down once and for all on his legendary career. That is the insight from Mike’s friend and iconic fighter Zab Judah, who insists that the multi-million dollar pay-per-view battle on Netflix is no gimmick.

Judah described Mike’s mindset as being “an animal” in the ring that inexperienced Paul will not be able to handle during their Netflix fight in Dallas on July 20. Judah also opened up on his own powerful comeback from a brain bleed after an 11th-round knockout loss to Cletus Seldin in 2019.

The Brooklyn brawler, who won six world titles in stints at welterweight and junior welterweight, admits his recovery continues daily, but the support of his wife Christina and business ventures have revitalized his life.

Asked about the Mike versus Jake battle, Judah admitted: “I personally think that the Mike Tyson, that we know – the animal, the lion, he’s going to show up. That is scary. If Mike is taking this fight on, and evidently he knows exactly what he’s doing, and trust me, Mike is going to be Mike.”

Fans criticised Tyson’s last screen fight with Roy Jones Junior, labelling it a glorified sparring session. Judah feels July’s rumble will be different. “Nah. I mean, I don’t get that from Mike. When Mike gets in the ring. He hands me business. So if he took on a Jake Paul challenge, Jake Paul is going to have a problem.”

He added that Mike, who turns 58 in June, will not hold back hoping to finish the fight before 12 rounds.

“I can tell you from the mindset of a fighter, he has been great at what he’s done. He’s been given a great gift. He took great control and responsibility of his physique and everything. So he still feels like at the age of 58 that he still wants to do it. You know what I mean? So, hey, listen, one thing about The Champ, if The Champ going to do it, he going to go for the biggest and the best.“

Asked whether he expects a knockout, Judah, at The Charmaine Blake Oscar viewing dinner that will take place on Oscar Night, replied: “Of course, Tyson. I don’t think Jake can knock out Tyson. No way. Of course, I will put some money on it.”

Wife Christina, who says they had heard that the fight was set up in the last year, added: “This is going to be his last fight I believe. So If he’s going out, I believe he’s going to go out with a bang. Yeah. I don’t think Jake’s going to be able to understand who he is in the ring with. »

They both admitted that Paul and Tyson are friends, but Judah warned: “Remember the rules. Mike said there is no friends in the ring. He’s the one who said it. You know what he is saying “

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