‘I’m on benefits but spend £1k a month buying my son designer clothes and BMW’ | UK | News

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‘I’m on benefits but spend £1k a month buying my son designer clothes and BMW’ | UK | News

A mum on benefits admitted she has altered her entire lifestyle just so she can afford designer clothing and high-tech gifts for her son.

Kasey Akram, 34, is a single mother living on benefits who dedicates thousands of pounds to her three-year-old son every month.

The mum has bought the youngster a gold dummy, a motorised baby BMW, and other impressive gifts including Gucci trainers and Versace chains.

She claims to have spent up to £1,000 a month on her son, an admission that previously prompted a national outcry from other jealous Britons.

But Ms Akram has said she makes difficult lifestyle choices so she can spoil her young son, The Sun reports.

Speaking to the SWNS news agency, she said: « I had a baby in the middle of a pandemic where I was locked in a flat and went through scans and labour all by myself, I just want to give him the best and everything I never had.

“I don’t go out, I wear charity shop clothes and I could spend my money on far worse things.

“Lots of people say they’re struggling but I don’t get it – I’ve never had a credit card or a loan or been in debt in my life.

“If you have a credit card on benefits you’re instantly going to be in trouble, you have to be smart and savvy.”

She added: “I get my outfits from charity shops and Vinted and if you buy food fresh you can cook in batches and save money on non-fresh food. »

The single mum previously spoke about how Jareem’s daily routine begins at 6am, with the youngster enjoying a hot breakfast in bed.

This would be followed by a luxurious bath with milk and honey.

Reports say that after this he goes back to his bedroom for a baby massage as he watches Peppa Pig on the big television.

He also has an all-organic diet with his mother refusing to let him drink tap water.

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