Patio moss stains will disappear thanks to 35p ‘cost-effective’ item

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Patio moss stains will disappear thanks to 35p ‘cost-effective’ item

If you’ve ever come across unpleasant, slimy stains on your patio or paving, it’s likely either moss, algae or lichen.

Moss appears in particularly shady areas on hard surfaces like paving and patios and when there’s poor drainage.

Moss can actually form on any surface such as brickwork and fences but it particularly thrives in moist, humid conditions.

One of the most common places you will find moss on patios is in the cracks or crevices between each slab.

Unlike other organisms, moss provides its own food which is why it will never die unless it’s completely removed.

With this in mind, two experts have shared their tips for banishing moss from patios and paving without resorting to harsh chemicals or expensive cleaning products.

Both experts suggested using white vinegar which can be bought online or from most local supermarkets.

Gregory Smith at said: « If you have stubborn moss marks on your paving, consider using water and vinegar to remove them. Create a mixture consisting of one part white vinegar and one part water.

« Place this mixture in a spray bottle so you can easily apply the mixture over the entire area.

« Spray the mixture over the affected area and leave it to sit there. Then, scrub the space with a stiff brush before hosing it off. »

The experts at concrete repair specialists, Concrete Renovations, agreed and also suggested using vinegar mixed with water.

They said: « If you’ve got stubborn moss marks, a half and-half vinegar/water mixture can be effective for removing troublesome stains and is another cost-effective means of removing moss from concrete surfaces.

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