Jamie Oliver’s ‘easiest’ pancake recipe can be used to cook three different breakfasts

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Jamie Oliver’s ‘easiest’ pancake recipe can be used to cook three different breakfasts

There is nothing better than a quick yet scrumptious breakfast, and you can make your morning meal even better with this simple recipe.

Jamie Oliver’s one-cup recipe is not only perfect for cooking pancakes, but the same extract batter mixture can be used to make tasty waffles or a savoury fritter-like sandwich.

In a video online, Jamie said: “I’m going to give you the ultimate pancake recipe that you’re going to love. You’ll probably use it for the rest of your life.

“It’s so simple you won’t need scales to weigh anything. It’s the easiest thing ever.”

This is the perfect breakfast idea when you want something quick, and tasty but also do not want to be spending ages washing up, making it also the best recipe to treat mum on Mother’s Day.

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To begin, add one cupful of flour into a mug and pour it into a mixing bowl. Use the same mug to pour one cup of milk into the bowl.

Jamie said: “You’re weighting apparatus is a regular tea or coffee mug. If yours is a bit different it does not matter, as long as you use the same mug for the flour and the milk, the equation works.

Crack the egg and also add it to your bowl as well as a “little pinch” of salt.

Whisk the ingredients together until everything is fully combined and you have a smooth pancake batter.

Heat some oil or a knob of butter in a frying pan on a medium-high heat and then place a dollop of the pancake batter inside the pan using a spoon.

Jamie said: “What’s brilliant about this batter is as soon as the self-raising flour hits the heat of the pan, it activates the raising agent and it will double in size.”

Cook for around a minute and then flip it over. Overall the pancakes should take around two to three minutes.

Once the pancakes are golden colour and fully cooked, you can add a little bit of maple syrup to the pan which will act as a glaze.

Jamie said: “It means you do have to add the sugar later, and then you can toss it around.”

Leave the maple syrup is be absorbed into the pancakes for around a minute, then you delicious pancakes are ready to be served.


What is brilliant about this simple pancake batter recipe is that it can be used to cook many different types of breakfast according to Jamie Oliver.

He suggests you can make delicious waffles using the same batter using a waffle maker or even a savoury fritter-like sandwich using a toastie maker if you have them on hand.

Jamie said: “From this batter, before it becomes a pancake batter, you can absolutely use it for waffles.

“It couldn’t be simpler, just put a little bit [of batter] in a preheated waffle iron and down it goes. You’re going to get amazing waffles out of that.”

If you own a sandwich maker, you can take everyday ingredients such as mushrooms, ham and cheese and place them in the maker along with the pancake batter.

Jamie said: “Just like the waffles, fill the batter up [in the sandwich maker] and it will make you the most beautiful kind of fitter-come-sandwich savoury.It is going to be so good!”

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