Christian Horner responds to latest Jos Verstappen attack amid Red Bull power struggle | F1 | Sport

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Christian Horner responds to latest Jos Verstappen attack amid Red Bull power struggle | F1 | Sport

Christian Horner has denied any issues of a power struggle at Red Bull, brushing off the comments of Jos Verstappen after the father of the reigning world champion called for him to leave the team. 

Speaking to the Daily Mail ahead of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Jos made his thoughts on Horner clear. He stated: « All these things that are going on are having an influence on Max.

« All we hear about is Horner and what happened with his situation. In the press conference, Horner gave the other day it was all about him and his problems when we should be talking about Max, the car, his performance and the race.

“I’ve already said I think it is causing problems if he stays. I think it’s too late for Christian to say ‘leave me alone’ but he has the support of the Thai owner so I think he will stay for the rest of the season. I said it would be bad if he stayed, it really isn’t good for the team, this whole situation.”

The Dutchman’s continued opposition to Horner’s presence in the paddock was brought up by Sky Sports F1 in their conversation with the Red Bull team principal after the race, but he wasn’t entertaining Jos’ demands.

« Well look, obviously there’s rumblings and I’m aware of what has been said, but Max is an important part of this team. He’s our driver and he’s doing a great job.

« As team principal and CEO, I’m responsible for the running and operation of this team. So everybody has to do their part. Max is doing his part, everybody else is doing their part. »

Horner was then asked whether or not he could smooth over relations with Jos but avoided addressing the question directly, instead focusing on the work of the team behind the scenes.

He responded: « Look, speculation is obviously rife but the most important thing is the team and focusing on on-track performances, and we all have a vested interest in achieving performances like we have today. »

On track, there was plenty for Red Bull to celebrate. The reigning champions made it back-to-back one-two finishes, while Verstappen moved within one win of his own record with a ninth successive Grand Prix triumph.

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