Five simple ways to achieve ‘long-lasting’ blooms on peace lily houseplants

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Five simple ways to achieve ‘long-lasting’ blooms on peace lily houseplants

Known for their gorgeous white flowers, peace lilies are one of the most beneficial houseplants to introduce into your home.

They can help to purify the air as long as they are cared for correctly, which can be hard.

1. Choose the right environment

Maryam Ghani, brand manager at , said: “Peace lilies thrive in bright, indirect light, making them perfect for spaces with filtered sunlight.

“Avoid placing them in direct sunlight, as this can scorch their delicate leaves. They also do well in shaded areas, making them versatile for various indoor settings.”

2. Watering wisdom

Peace lilies prefer moist soil, but owners should take care not to water their houseplants too much.

Allow the top inch of soil to be completely dry before watering again, making sure not to touch the flowers or leaves.

When watering, ensure that excess water can drain away fully as this will prevent the roots from sitting in water.

Allowing this to happen may lead to root rot which is a deadly disease in which the houseplant may die.

3. Humidity matters

Orchids love humidity and it’s important to try and mimic this environment at home for them to thrive and bloom.

Owners can do this by misting their plant regularly or placing it on a tray of wet pebbles.

4. Feeding

For “long-lasting blooms”, it is recommended to feed peace lilies properly during the growing season.

Maryam said: “During the growing season, from spring to early autumn, feed your peace lily with a balanced liquid fertiliser every six to eight weeks.

“This will provide the necessary nutrients to support healthy foliage and vibrant blooms.”

5. Pruning

Peace lilies don’t need pruning very often but removing damaged and diseased leaves will lead to a healthier plant.

Make sure to deadhead regularly to redirect the plant’s energy towards producing more flowers.

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